Visit the museum café in Prague and enjoy a vegan mňamce Steve Jobs

Wondering why Apple logo looks the way it does? Are you one of the fans and admirer of Steve Jobs and would like to learn more about it? Visiting museums and exhibitions in Prague? Visit therefore also to the Museum of Prague, where you can get the life and work of this great figure in detail about. At the same time, it will be declassified and mystery logos of Apple. If you decide to visit the museum Apple Prague, during the tour you encounter on the description that explains the whole affair. In the very first room, at the beginning of the whole tour, be sure to stop at the great map products with the logo nakousnutého apples between 1976 and 2012. To do so initial comprehensive picture of what you can expect from the show.

Good news for all „applisty“ – have their own mecca – Apple Museum in Prague

Apple museumIf you belong to so-called „applisty“ come visit our relatively new Mecca. Seriously is not a surface attraction for tourists. Museum of Prague will bring the experience of many sizes! If you are going to Prague, head to the Old Town Square to Charles Bridge – Apple Museum miss. Museums and exhibitions in Prague offers many things, but you just now have the opportunity to go through almost the entire history of Apple’s product and soaking up the atmosphere of the cult of personality of Steve Jobs.

McIntosh Garden – apple trees, which gave the name of a computer

Neither the museum café in Prague, which offers vegan mňamky, where the majority of his life, Steve Jobs was enjoying, you should not miss. Your eyesight is definitely attracts and McIntosh Garden, a small garden planted with apple trees, which is called by legendary computer. So you know where to go in Prague? As you wander the streets like from Prague or as holidaymakers decide to visit the museum in Prague, do not forget to visit the Pop Art Gallery.

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