Essentials for glider pilots (English)

Pilot’s needs for flying gliders are just as important, as regular equipment for larger airplanes. We are basically talking about the same part, just in a different accomplishment. What equipment belongs here, and what exact purpose does it serve? Maybe you are just a beginner at the moment, in the field of avionics, but you need to ‘’find your bearing’’ here. Here is a basic overview of the most important components you can find, or need, for flying a glider.

Anticollision systems

These systems offer you, the pilot, a collision protection. When flying a glider, the system monitors the area around you and scans for other airplanes in your vicinity and always alerts you, in time, if there is a potentional danger of collision.


air-teamAnother important part of an airplane, is a transponder and Glass Cocpit. It’s exactly the transponder, that can ensure a safe and perfect course of the flight. They are truly a every pilot’s helper. Except for the transponder itself, the system consists of antennas, encoders and sets of wires. You can increase your own safety, If you get the correct and quality transponder for your glider.

Another essentials for flying gliders

Glider flying is a sport, that is usually being exercised by a small group of flyers, but on the other hand, it brings a lot of joy and adrenalin. But to reach a high level of effectivity when flying, especially in different climate conditions, you need to equip your glider and yourself with a proper, durable, safe-to-use and overall a quality equipment. And, don’t forget about the important chemical preparatives, that can help you maintain the glider in a great shape for a longer period of time.

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