Do you wish to not only love films – but make them?

Do you love films? Do you wish to be more than just aspectator and actually know how they’re made? Would you like to be part of the process – write scripts, produce, edit, direct or act? Do you want to learn from the best? Then the international Prague Film Institute is perfect for you. This school is about more than just theory. It’s mostly about the practical side of things. That’s the only way to learn what you need. Throughout the study you will have access to fully equipped cutting rooms and studios, as well as all kinds of cameras and drones. The lessons will be delivered by experienced actors and filmmakers who also work with FAMU. One of the things you’ll learn at this school is how to form relationships with the Hollywood industry and partners in order to put what you learn here to work.

As the school is intended mainly for international students, all the programmes at PFI are taught in English.

Study programmes currently available at Prague Film Institute:

  • General filmmaking – courses of one or two years that will teach you everything you need to know about filmmaking, from the basics all the way to the professional level.
  • Post-production – courses of one or two years. Become an experienced editor or a special effects specialist!
  • Game design – courses of one or two years focused on the technical, artistic and creative aspects of special effects editing.
  • Summer courses – the most important things taught in the main courses. A taste of what the

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